Monday, January 31, 2005

When you care enough to send the very best

Ok, so last night, I watched the hallmark hall of fame. I've been looking forward to this for a long time, as I love not only Hallmark Hall of Fames themselves, but the awesome commercial breaks where they only show ads for Hallmark, and also this particular HHOF was the one where the girl that played Felicity had to marry some guy she had never met because she was pregnant. And I do so love Keri Russell and her lovely lovely Felicity Hair. She's one of those " I wish I was her so I kind of have a crush on her" girls. And of course I cried three times during the commercials, and in between crying and watching Felicity I told Erik all about how back in the day my best friend Sara and I would watch Hallmark Hall of Fames, and we loved the commercials more than anything. I don't even remember any of the movies we watched, I only remember the commercials. I wish I could go back and watch the ones from the eighties but I've looked for them online and I can't find them. One time my mom watched it with us and during some commercial where a girl got married and her best friend gave her a card, my mom was all "this makes me think of two girls ten years from now" and we looked at her like the complete freak that she was and we were totally embarrassed and freaked out and of course ten years later we both totally got married and gave each cards, so I will say that those people at Hallmark and my mom both totally know their shit. Anyway, the first commercial last night was about this card that this girl got from her best friend on her birthday, and I totally cried, and Mr. E just LOOKED at me and was like "OH MY GOD I cannot imagine you AND Sara watching this together." It ruled.
The other fun part of the night was when I was talking out loud and I realized how freaky it was that I never start getting my period at night, only in the morning, and Mr. E told me it was because of the tides and the moon and cycles and other stuff that people and scientists totally do not get. And it kind of freaked me out, like, I don't believe in all that moon tides chanting at night listening to Stevie Nicks and being pagan or whatever shit, but dude, how else do YOU explain it?

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ee said...

Ok, so there's a REASON why the female menstral cycle is ~28 days, and it has to do with the fact that the Lunar Cycle is also approximately 28 days. It harkens way, way back into time, when proto-humans were blobs or crustaceans or chordodonts or something, and for whatever reason these critters layed their eggs at specific times of the month. Maybe less moonlight made it harder for predators to find their eggs. Maybe more moonlight made it easier for mates to find them... I dunno, and I don't think anyone else does either. Still, it's true, and real.