Tuesday, November 23, 2004

101 in 1001 - or a list of things I couldn't get done till I lived to be 101 and made one hundred and one billion dollars

101 in 1001
1. Get my hair colored by a really expensive really good salon.
2. Travel to Greece, Australia, Japan, Egypt, Israel, or India
3. Attend a home Portland Trailblazers game and sit ON THE FLOOR.
3. Grand Canyon – raft or canyoneer
4. Finish my novel and get it published
5. Get my drivers license.
6. Finish school.
7. Quit biting my nails
8. Own a Thomas Pink shirt and cufflinks.
9. Sell a purse on Ebay.
10. Lose another 20 pounds.
11. Take a class in something – painting, photography, pottery.
12. Spend a night in an expensive hotel room in a foreign city with Erik and never leave the room.
13. Go to Vegas.
14. Go to Mardi Gras.
15. Visit Portland and or move to the West Coast.
16. Lie in the sand on Hermosa beach and eat and Abba Zabba.
17. Visit the rollerskating museum in Lincoln, Nebraska.
18. Go to a rodeo.
19. Write a romance novel.
20. Email Morgan
21. See the Rucker Park tournament.
22. Buy pointy toed shoes and wear them.
23. Mount and frame prints of pics I’ve taken.
24. Wedding Photo Album.
25. Learn to silk screen.
26. Teach myself Photoshop.
27. Make a turducken
28. Dress like a grown up at least half the time
29. Sew myself a dress, with a zipper.
30. Go to estate sales
31. Make a rag rug
32. Kentucky Derby – no cheap seats for me!
33. Buy a flat iron
34. Get a treadmill and use it every day
35. Buy a decent mattress
36. Start a garden from seeds
37. Cross country ski Or snowshoe
38. Learn to wear a funky color eyeshadow (hi, Mac counter, please help me)
39. Recap a show for TWOP
40. Take Erik to the OPERA
41. Hang glide in the Maze
42. Post on my blog every day
43. Have SOMETHING published
44. Buy all new everyday dishes – good bye IKEA.
45. Get really good at subtly breaking v. v. sturdy IKEA dishes
46. Figure out that twangy song I hear all over town but don’t know the name of
47. Do something with my wedding dress
48. Buy a dress that’s not “me” (strapless, knee length, boring) and wear it out on the town
49. Wear winter white
50. Memorize poems
51. Drive down Highway 101 in a convertible playing “California” by Phantom Planet.
52. Drive Route 66
53. Take a road trip just to eat pie (see #53)
54. Annex Canexico
55. Make a frito pie on the radiator of my car (see #54)
56. Own a pick up truck (old), a Dodge Dart (old), and a Mercedes Station Wagon (old).
57. Get a hound dog. Name it Blue.
58. Live in a house with a wrap around porch, a balcony, AND a laundry chute.
59. Buy a super super super expensive bra.
60. Learn to do something to my car that the average person can’t do. Checking the oil doesn’t count, I know how to do that.
61. Learn how to lay bricks. Build something out of bricks.
62. Buy all the children’s books I remember from when I was a kid.
63. Visit Elvis’s birthplace
64. Throw a one food only party, for people who appreciate it.
65. Throw a grown up cocktail party with pitchers of martinis.
66. Volunteer
67. Learn to make better pie crust. Get Mrs. Pepper’s pie recipe.
68. Make a “craft” room.
69. Open my own store.
70. Figure out what color my parachute is.
71. Visit the desert.
72. Read the Lindbergh biography
73. Take a picture of that crazy church in Lincoln that looks like a bowling alley
74. Be more chill.
75. Plant a tree. On Arbor Day. In the state where Arbor Day was invented.
76. See the sandhill crane migration.
77. See an African Safari, although the other animals are just for show, so this number is really: See my spirit animal (the elephant) up close in the wild.
78. Have some kids, and name them something worthy of them. (see Frances, Charlotte, and James).
79. Walk over burning coals, just to see if it really doesn’t hurt.
80. Catch a delicious bass.
81. Have my wisdom teeth pulled.
82. Have some hair somewhere permanently lasered off.
83. Boob lift.
84. Buy the most expensive purse I can afford. At a store.
85. Go to the Smithsonian.
86. See an iceberg
87. See the pyramids
88. Protest something.
89. Wash my car, in front of my house, wearing cut offs.
90. Find a good sugar cookie recipe, and make it.
91. Make stickers
92. Start my own business
93. Program my cell phone
94. Buy a TIVO
95. Ice climb
96. Rock climb
97. Paint something HUGE – not like a house, like a large canvas.
98. Restore furniture.
99. Use my Palm Pilot
100. Read all the books on my Amazon wish list.
101. Do something for Mr. E that I don’t want to do.

Monday, November 22, 2004

My Thanksgiving Freak Out/To Do List

1. Clean
2. Do Laundry including comforter that was clean until
Mr. E spilled beer on
3. Make up guest beds
4. Buy fabric and make orange table runner because I clearly need another project right now
5. Buy and hollow out mini pumpkins for my obsessive MS centerpieces
6. Buy kosher salt for brine
7. Clean out and bleach container for brining turkey
8. Begin brining turkey at 10 am Wednesday morning
9. Go to grocery store for thanksgiving food, snack food, and any other
food like lunchmeat and cereal
10. Pick up rental equipment
11. Move old bookshelves onto sidewalk with "free" sign and hope to god someone takes them away. Free bookshelves anyone?
12. Stop at thrift store (not open till Tuesday) and find chair please god let us find a chair
13. Do dishes so we will have enough clean glasses for many many servings of gin
14. Buy trash cans, serving dish, and something elseI am forgetting at Target
15. Clean out "ebay room" so mom doesn't figure out we are trying to sell everything she ever gave me
16. Find flowers and berries
17. Buy shampoo, etc at Walgreens
18. Wrap Xmas presents cleverly w/out having any Xmas wrap so can send home with parents
19. Find mold for orange juice ring for punch
20. Create Large wall decor, no idea what
21. Move red desk to downstairs hallway
22. Pay cell phone bill (damn Nebraska cell phone taxes)
23. Freak the fuck out because my parents want to
get here at 5 pm.
24. Discourage parents from arriving at 5 pm