Friday, January 14, 2005

Free meat filled buns, yeah!

There's this weird Nebraska fast food sandwich thing called a Runza. It's like loose meat baked in a roll. I don't know. It's not like I'm going to eat one, so I'm just going on what it looks like in the commercials. Apparently they sell them at Cornhuskers games instead of hot dogs. Freaky. The point is that I always hear these radio ads about how you can get a Runza for whatever temperature it is at 8 am that morning. This morning it was zero freaking degrees! Does that mean I would have gotten a free meat bun sandwich at 8 am? I certainly hope so.

Which brings me to my main point, which is that what better day than today, the day of zero freaking degrees, to finally commit and buy our airline tickets for our super lovely fabuloso spring vacation? The vacation where we will lie in the sun and think about how we are not in freezing ass meat bun land. Thanks to Orbitz and Mastercard two tickets to Cancun have been procured. Sweet! Due to my "I won't lie on a beach anywhere MTV has ever had a beach house" life rule, we'll actually be lying on the beach 40 miles away from Cancun in Playa del Carmen. If you're stalking me, that's where I'll be. And if MTV has had a beach house there, since I've had good cable, please don't tell me. And obviously I'll be needing a new bikini, which brings me to this, yo. I'm quite excited to rock the floral tropical print in Mexico.

And by the way, my only other life rule, as of right now, is that I don't watch Friends reruns, so if I'm coming over to visit your house, turn off the goddamn tv. Oh, and I don't watch Robin Williams movies, as he is my mortal enemy. Suck it, Patch Adams.

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JSC said...

I lived in Nebraska for 22 years and actually miss it.. Runzas were one of my favs, have you tried one yet? It is not just loose meat in a bun, it is ground beef, cabbage and onion seasoned with pepper, cooked in a homemade bread roll.