Thursday, January 13, 2005

Back on track

Well, I am back to counting points, excercising, drinking my stupid water, and not eating any old crap that I feel like shoving in my mouth. And I feel a lot better. It's a lot more work, and sometimes it's stressful, but it's nice to have a hopeful feeling again, instead of a guilty one. Last year I made my first weight loss goal at about this same time, and I made it, by September. So this I'm going to kick it up a notch. My official goal is to weight 120 pounds by July 15th. I have a deal with my friend SP and with Mr. E that I won't go below this, or below a size 6 in Gap jeans. I'm looking forward to buying my first pair of really overpriced beat up jeans at Hollister. And yes, I am 13 years old. Hey, I just really love their jeans, ok?

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