Sunday, February 06, 2005

A Movie I Actually did not actively hate, for once

Mr. E and I ventured out into the wilds of Lincoln this weekend to see Million Dollar Baby, since it finally was showing here and since there is nothing else to do and no other good movies out, unless you count that movie where Tara Reid plays a scientist, and while I will definetely be seeing that, preferably drunk off my ass, I would only consider it as a last and desperate measure. Like, next weekend or something, now that we've already seen the only good movie out.

I really really really liked Million Dollar Baby. I would say it was my favorite movie of the year, but I feel like that would cheapen it somehow. What I can say is that more than anything it made me miss my dad. I had to focus on my breathing when the movie was over to avoid crying like a baby in the bathroom line. I haven't felt so shaken by a movie in a long time. Maybe ever.

That damn Clint Eastwood does it me every time. Clint combined with the voice-over of sadness by Morgan Freeman just breaks my heart. And then you throw the whole dad thing in there and it just killed me.

So go see it! It's a laugh riot!

In other cheerier news, is anyone else SO excited for Beauty Shop starring Queen Latifah? I know I am! I totally have a girl crush on the Queen.

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