Friday, January 28, 2005

Little Anne

Although there are many many many sad and traumatic dog movies, including Old Yeller, Sounder, and the Summer of the Monkeys, I 've always felt that Where the Red Fern Grows is the best. It is mad depressing. It was the first movie my mom ever rented me and my brother, like two days after my parents got a VCR, back in 1983 or whatever when they were first invented, and she turned it on and left the room. When she came back in the room my brother and I were sitting in the middle of the floor clutching each other (we were like 6 and 4) with tears streaming down our faces, just distraught, and we looked up at her like she was the worst woman in the world for renting such a thing. Which of course, she was.

Ever since then, the only dog I've ever wanted was a coonhound named Little Anne. Today Mr. E showed up at my office, out of the blue, holding a seven week puppy in his arms. There's not a lot of things cooler in the world than your super cutie husband showing up at work to surprise you with a super cute puppy. Maybe the only thing better than that is finding out that the puppy is half coonhound, and that her name is Little Anne. As in, she was already named that, by the humane society. Somehow it just seems meant to be, don't you think?

PS Gravey is not happy about this turn of events, from what I've heard.

Edited to say that actually, she didn't come with the name Little Anne, Mr. E gave it to her because it "just seemed right". I found that out later. I now refer to her as Pig Dog the majority of the time, because she looks just like a little pig. However, as my sister's name is also Anne, Pig Dog's official name is Annabelle. Or Little Anne. Or Pig Dog. Or Pee Factory.

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