Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Party with the Haitians

I have to say, January has been a super craptacular kind of month, so far anyway. Mainly because I just cannot get a good night's sleep, and work has been super stressful and I am pissed off about gaining weight and having to go running in sucky get dark early Lincoln Nebraska and my husband wants to get a dog which we totally cannot afford because he broke another muffler off the car and did you know that Jettas have two mufflers? Jesus, the man is like, a muffler killer, you would think he would be a little more careful with the car since it costs twice as much to replace the two stinking mufflers. But my point is that no matter how much things suck or how many jerks get inaugurated or how many people ignore all the other problems in the world to have stupid award shows for stupid movies about howard hughes, I can always always always get in a better mood, just by watching a. Try it, it totally works, I promise!


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