Friday, January 26, 2007

Nightmare Updated

Seriously? God hates me.
Our dryer broke last night, right in the middle of the 70,000 loads of ringworm related laundry.

But today I am TRYING to look on the bright side. It's not raining, and so everything is drying outside on a clothesline. And just think of how much money we'll save on electricity this way!

Probably almost enough to buy a new dryer.


Tricia said...

Elizabeth. (Sorry, I wasn't sure the best place to write.) Thank you so much for your comment on my post today. I TRULY appreciate it. I didn't mean to sound negative, I DON'T really FEEL negative, but your comment did help me to feel more positive about the future.

I also wanted to say that with a few small changes your profile would sound just like mine!

Mine would read:

I'm 30. I'm married to a mathematician. I'm a stay at home mom (until maternity leave is over). I love to read. I like to cook. I have a daughter with Down Syndrome. I'm NOT a runner, but I recently lost 60 pounds. (Before I got pregnant and I just rejoined Weight Watchers again, so go me!). And writing keeps me sane.

Tricia said...

P.S. Sorry about the washer sitch.

P.P.S. I am totally familiar with Chapel Haven! I am from the New Haven area originally!

Tricia said...

P.P.P.S I mean dryer. DRYER.