Monday, January 08, 2007

All this crap for one tiny baby?

1. Overpriced yuppie stroller we will never use, size of Texas? Check
2. Second stroller frame in case first stroller is too large? Check
3. Third overpriced umbrella stroller everyone says we'll be desperate for by the time the kid is six months old? Check
4. Oddly innapropriate sports themed clothing given to us as soon as everyone found out we're having a boy? Check. (PS I'm not talking about the adorable Michigan jersey my sister in law gave us - we're not raising a state fan here. I just think it's weird that all these baby boy clothes are covered in balls. Although also? Hee hee).
5. Embarrassing boob related presents opened in front of father in law? Check.
6. Overpriced Pottery Barn crib bedding that dirtiest cat in world loves to rub himself on? Check.
7. Enormous crib child will never sleep in? Check.
8. Bouncer and swing, in case child hates one or the other? Check.
9. Ugliest and safest car seat in the world, exchanged for cute matchy car seat, after having emotional breakdown on Friday when Consumer Reports announced cute matchy car seat is deathtrap? Check.
10. Three Snuglis I'm not sure how we ended up with? Check
11. Sling made of "finest silk in the world", brought back from Thailand by my best friend, made by my mother in law, sure to be instant puke magnet? Check
12. Six million baby receiving blankets and no idea what to do with them? Check
13. Overpriced beyond belief Kate Spade diaper bag, sure to be totally useless at holding actual diapers, sole reason for having child to begin with? Check (am only kidding. Sort of.)
14. Hours of hysterical laughter at my expense after announcing to Mr. E that I doubt I will be overprotective parent? Check.

Ironically, I can't bring myself to buy diapers.

Have boob class (breast feeding) tonight. Wish me luck.


TB said...

Hahah! #13 is my personal favorite because truly, out of all this other crap we have to buy, it's the one thing I'm looking forward to and money is no object. I've even got Jeff convinced he needs a special separate man bag so I get to shop for TWO cool diaper bags.

I'll be interested in hearing how the breastfeeding class goes.

V'ron said...

You're going to use the overpriced yuppie stroller, trust me. I never used an umbrella stroller and saw no reason for it. They don't look all that comfortable, and believe me, you will devote much time to ensuring that the baby is comfortable, simply so that they will leave you alone.