Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Mr E and I just returned from a lovely adventure in the great state of Michigan.
Some of my favorite moments:

-getting a pedicure with my sister in law and not even caring that my toes looked better before, rather than after, the pedicure, just because the foot massage was that incredibly good

-sitting in the jacuzzi at my mother in law hotels for hours with a mike's lemonade in my hand gossiping with the four amazing women whos' family I am lucky enough to be a part of

-not getting hungover drunk on sangria at dominick's for the first time in my life (I switched off beer and water)

-not gaining any weight, woo hoo!

-blasting the Go Go's with the windows open driving down State Street on the way back from U of M's graduation

-having Mr. E's aunts tell me how great I looked

-dyeing my hair pink accidentally

-Miss Sarah "processing in" to graduation and noting that she had clearly been raised right, as she was 1. one of the only people NOT on a cell phone and 2. she was wearing sweat pant capris under her graduation gown. Anytime you can rock the sweatpant capris you should. Particularly when you find yourself graduating outside at 8:30 in the morning.

-ordering tapas by writing down everything we wanted on the paper tablecloth and thinking of my step dad the whole time

-Fitting into and wearing my new size eight J crew dress

-Realizing that no mattter what happened, AA wasn't our home anymore, and that was ok

-Mr. E yelling "Eat Me" at a spandex clad biker

-being told that my sister and brother in law stocked up on gin because they knew I was coming to town. Drinking said gin by the lake, from a mason jar

-Touching the ceiling of the hallway of the hotel over and over, just because I could. It was so low ceilinged that I felt like an extra in Being John Malkovitch

-Making fun of the speakers at the U of M graduation while freezing my ass off and eating chocolate chip cookies

-The Victoria's Secret underwear lying in the path to graduation that every parent had to step over

-The free airline tickets and sushi Northwest Airlines gave us for overselling our flight

-Business Class

-The super cute new jacket Mr E helped me pick out at Target that never would have fit before

-Sitting in a hotel room with 40 of Mr. E's family members furiously gossiping about his cousin's new girl friend.

-Seeing old friends and talking about old times

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