Sunday, May 08, 2005

All By Myself

Mr. E is out of town, which means I am having some quality alone time. I am all about quality alone time, btw. I can do all kinds of crazy organzing projects, iron stuff that no self respecting man thinks you should iron, talk on the phone for hours, eat Ragu and fake parmesan cheese on EVERYTHING, and when I clean something, it stays clean. Although now that Princess Midnite has come along, that last one might not hold true.

So far I've organized my craft shelves, made muffins, made an awesome chicken salad, mowed the rest of the lawn, taken out the trash, swept the floors, tanned, and not taken a shower for days. Awesome.

In closing, I would like to add that The Sun Never Sets on a Legend. That's code for yes, I will be watching that crappy CBS movie on Elvis while shoveling pasta in my mouth.

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