Tuesday, May 24, 2005

To Sheila

I just watched Rob and Amber's wedding on CBS. The reception was ok, but the ceremony was laaame and the first dance was trumpets and synthesizers for god's sake. Mr. E commented that if either of us was the type of person who would have a trumpet or a synthesizer played at our wedding, we wouldn't be married to each other. So true, so true. Our first dance was one of my favorite moments of our wedding. I'd hyped it up as this big huge moment in my mind. I was looking forward to this as the most romantic event of my life. Other little girls dream about their wedding, I dreamt only of our first dance. I agonized over what song we'd use for MONTHS. Even after we finally picked this Smashing Pumpkins song that we thought was called "You Make Me Real" I still stressed. Honestly, it would have been a boring letdown, except for the fact that apparently the song we chose is not, in fact, entitled 'You Make Me Real". As Mr. E told me, right in the middle of our first dance, it's actually called 'To Sheila." Awesome.

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