Thursday, May 19, 2005

Oatey Update

How come it took me 28 years to figure out I don't need to buy packets of gross, bad for me instant oatmeal,but instead can bring a baggie of regular oatmeal to work and microwave it in a bowl with water for 3 minutes? It's cheaper, better for you, and better tasting. And I can add stuff of own.

In other news, will I ever get my period? It remains to be seen.

What's up with you?

I hate grant writing season.

I did just buy a very cute striped! shirt on sale at J Crew.

I have decided the entire problem with getting dressed in the morning and my wardrobe is that none of it matches. If I had any sense, I would never buy anything that wasn't white, blue, black, or gray, and then it would all match. I really just need someone to come look at my closet and tell me, ok, you can wear this with that. T shirt and khakis, I could handle that. Now that I am expected to dress like a grown up at work, I am floundering. But the stripes, I cannot resist.

On a positive note, I just felt an arm muscle. It vanished shortly after appearing, but it was there! I swear it was!

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