Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Make Lemonade

I was all set to get my workout today by running home from work. I had all my workout stuff and my running shoes and I even bought some mittens. But once again Nebraska conspired against me, and by 4:30 the state had been blanketed in snow. And it was one degree. One degree people! I was all set to do it anyway and then I saw how covered with snow everything was and thought about how much it would suck to fall on an icy patch and break my ankle and have people see and laugh. I was pretty pissed that the day had finally arrived that I actually wanted to get out there and move my ass and it has to be Blizzard 2005 out there.

But then I got home and realized that Mother Nature had handed me a gift in disguise. All that snow? Means a whole freaking lot of shoveling. So I spent my evening shoveling my way to a smaller ass. Waahoo! I feel quite resourceful, I must say. It's kind of hard to believe that in the midst of bitching and moaning about all the damn snow, I actually thought to myself "Hmmm. All this damn snow. I could SHOVEL it! That'd be exercise, wouldn't it?!" Like this was some kind of REVELATION or something, that snow could be shoveled, and by me! Crazy!

Also, I am super annoyed that Freddy and Kendra won the Amazing Race, and also kind of worried that I care so much.

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