Friday, February 18, 2005

And you didn't even ask...

100 Things About Me

1. I bite my fingernails
2. I'm married
3. I have a puppy and a cat
4. I love dark chocolate but won't bother with milk or white chocolate
5. My favorite tv show of all time was Buffy, followed closely by My So Called Life.
6. I love to shop, especially for shoes.
7. Consequently I spend way too much money.
8. The only thing I love more than shopping is getting a bargain while shopping.
9. I also love to cook.
10. My absolute number one favorite thing to do is read.
11. One of my favorite books of all time is called Youth In Revolt.
12. I absolutely cannot stand Friends reruns, Elton John, or Mitch Albom.
13. Oprah gets on my nerves.
14. I love to watch bad soap operas when I am home sick, especially Days of Our Lives, which I have watched off and on since I was in 5th grade and my nanny got me hooked.
15. I went to Catholic school till I went to college.
16. But I was raised Episcopalian.
17. Consequently I don't believe in God.
18. I haven't talked to my dad for over three years when he called to tell me my grandmother had died.
19. Sometimes I really miss him.
20. But I know it's not my fault he's not a good parent.
21. My husband is a paleolimnologist.
22. That means he studies mud.
23. I don't really "do" anything, but I pretend to be an assistant.
24. Whatever I end up doing, I want it to be with books.
25. I also love to read magazines, and cookbooks.
26. I wish I had a record player.
27. I am nervous to have kids. But I think I probably will.
28. I freaking love Madonna.
29. I am very short, but not abnormally so.
30. My little sister has Down Syndrome.
31. I really hate it when people use the word retard or retarded.
32. Picky eaters irritate the crap out me.
33. I am really really anal when it comes to my house being clean.
34. I love summer so much I want to live somewhere where it is never cold. I don't understand why anyone would want to be cold, ever.
35. I learned to read french before I learned to read English. I don't remember any French now.
36. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by how much I hate Radiohead.
37. I love to make stuff, like quilts, but I'm impatient, so most of the time my projects turn out sort of half assed.
38. I am named after my grandmother, and I really miss her, and that's one of the reasons I didn't change my name when I got married. The other reasons were 1. sexism and 2. spelling
39. Some of my ancestors came over on the Mayflower.
40. I am also related to Benedict Arnold.
41. My favorite flowers are dahlias. I want to try to grow them this summer.
42. I met my best friend in fifth grade gym. She is my ROCK. We are like halves of one person. It's scary. I love that girl so much it's kind of crazy.
43. My favorite name in the whole world is Charlotte. Mr. E hates that name. But I am slowly wearing him down.
44. I love foot massages but other than that I don't really like to be touched.
45. I only really like it when my mom gives me hugs - otherwise, hands off.
46. I have endometriosis, it completely sucks.
47. I've been a Red Sox fan since I was eight.
48. I grew up in Portland, Oregon.
49. Therefore I am also a Trailblazers fan, and always will be, even if the whole team is in jail.
50. I adore the NBA.
51. I love history, documentaries, and voice overs.
52. It think it's awesome when someone talks big and then delivers. But when someone talks up their shit and then doesn't deliver, it breaks my heart.
53. My dog looks a little bit like a pig. I think it's cool.
54. I am trying to get back into running. When I was younger, I ran all the time.
55. I don't have my drivers license. Because I am lazy and driving makes me nervous.
56. Sometimes I wish I lived in the south because their food is just so damn good.
57. The statue of liberty is my favorite thing in New York. I was born there.
58. I don't like living in Lincoln Nebraska but most of the time I don't really realize I actually live here.
59. I love tequila and cheap beer.
60. Therefore I think I will have an awesome time in Mexico this year for spring break.
61. I have recently developed a thing for whiskey as well.
62. When I was younger I used to pretend I was one of the Russian princesses killed in the revolution (specifically, Tatiana).
63. When I got married, I wore a tiara.
64 . And yes, I'm kind of a princess.
65. And no, I don't think that's a bad thing.
66. And yes, my husband calls me Princess Nebraska. But he also calls me beotch, so I think it evens out.
67. I believe John Travolta to be gay.
68. Dawson's Creek is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.
69. I also love Pistachio pudding.
70. I believe Twizzlers, cauliflour, and cilantro are satan's minions here on earth.
71. I don't understand why people like Ashley Fucking Simpson. At all.
72. Sometimes i feel old and it scares me.
73. I say what' s on my mind. Sometimes that gets me in trouble.
74. I love romantic comedies.
75. The five men on my "allowed because they are celebrities and hot" list are:
Timothy Hutton, Young Indy/Todd Sparrow from the Color Green, pre bloat/pre lameass Vince Vaughn, Michael Madsen, and Tre Cool from Green Day. Hee.
76. I always put the same songs on mix cd's.
77. I listen to country music on the radio even though I know it's terrible.
78. I say "f-er" all the time, instead of fucker.
79. If would gladly eat subway sandwiches and sushi for the rest of my life.
80. Right now I'm going through a pink phase. I do that a lot.
81. Even though all my clothes are gray or black.
82. I'm a big fan of German engineering.
83. I have a fish phobia.
84. I also don't like sharks, or whales, or dolphins.
85. I believe in sending thank you notes.
86. I love books that make me cry and make me laugh.
87. I am crazy about Pauly Shore.
88. I can't help it.
89. Also, when I see people get hurt on tv, it makes me laugh.
90. Therefore, I am a bad person.
91. I have a jacket fetish. Which pales in comparison to my husband's jacket fetish.
92. I still sleep with my baby blanket. And no, my husband does not care, and no, I'm not going to keep it in my bedside table, and no, I'm not going to cut a tiny piece of out of it and throw the rest away.
93. I love bubble gum.
94. I have cow manure in my blood.
95. I think pets should always be mutts or strays.
96. I'm pro choice, and always will be. And I vote.
97. I'm also a hard core Democrat. And I'm proud!
98. I believe if you're an american, you should have the same rights as all other americans. If you don't, well, then, this isn't really america anymore, is it?
99. When I'm in love, I feel like I'm gonna barf.
100. Even though he's pissing me off right now, I love my husband more than anything in the world.

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