Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Does anyone really care about the weather in Nebraska?

I didn't think so. Therefore I will now talk about things of more general interest. Such as the fact that I am having people over for dinner this weekend. One of whom does not eat anything but chicken, and the other who is allergic to chicken. For christ's sake people! How can you be this picky and have made to the age of 28? Although i realize that being allergic is not the same as being picky, it is still annoying to me, and therefore is super uncool anyway. So ha! My children will not be allowed to be picky or be allergic to anything. I have just ensured having five children all who will eat nothing but Cheerios and Pez. Awesome.

In other news, today in my office I entered an alternate universe where everyone around me loved Elton John, Billy Joel, and Riverdance. Mr. E suggested they might also enjoy some dinner theater, or dinner theater on a boat. I suggested we all meet in the parking lot in our cameros. After that suggestion they all gave me funny looks. Luckily I had to leave at five. Otherwise I am sure someone would have started playing the number one worst song of all time (jack and diane) and clapping along.

The only other thing I have to say is that I am saving up for a mini Ipod and I can't decide if I should just save up another $50 and get the regular IPOD or if maybe I really even want a mini more. Also I am now going to make a belt out of soda can tabs and if it turns out I will post some pics.

Jealous? I thought so. FYI it takes a really long time to save up that many soda can tabs, and also it hurts your fingers a lot to pry them off so I don't recommend it.

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