Monday, February 21, 2005

And who says nothing happens in Nebraska?

I've been noticing lately in my conversations with friends and family that when they ask me what's going on, I have absolutely NOTHING to say. I hope this is a commentary on February in Nebraska, and not on me, but I don't know. Maybe if I think hard enough, I can think of some things that are in fact going on, besides the fact that I am sick of winter and I pretending its over by ordering halter tops from J Crew. Which I will be able to wear in like, August.

So,in no particular order, what is going on with me:

First of all, I saw Hitch with Mr. E and I now have a huge crush on Eva Mendes, or more specifically, her saucy booty!
It's staying light now much much much later. Which means my only excuse for not running is that my Walkman is broken, and my new one hasn't arrived in the mail yet.
I bought the shoes of my dreams this weekend, and I am wearing them RIGHT NOW. Pics to come shortly. Mr. E thinks they are the ugliest things he's ever seen. I will just say that they are very Marissa from the OC and I have already received four compliments on them!!!
I went for an hour bike ride on Sunday even though I hate bike riding and I can't help but notice that my pants are indeed getting smaller.
I am making Thai Chicken Salad with Chili Lime Dressing for dinner. Yummers.
Mr. E has not gotten a hair cut in like, 3 months and he looks like a dirty bum. Of course I love him anyway.
I declared my hatred for the puppy this weekend. What kind of a person hates a puppy?! A bad mean person like me. Now I miss her and I think I might actually kind of love her.
I read that book "Prep" in one sitting and I can't stop thinking about it. It really annoyed the crap out of me and MOVED me at the same time.
We ran out of soap this morning in the shower. Which means that Mr. E is probably hairy AND stinky.
We are still on the job hunt to try to get out of here. Every time anyone asks me about it I start to cry.
Those people on the PBS reality show where they try to be pioneers are pissing me off. I so think I could kick their fake pioneer asses. Shut up and bake some damn bread or whatever you pansy ass pioneers!
And in final news, we did not have president's day off. It's one of the days we have to work so we can take four days off over christmas. Since I didn't work president's day last year, I didn't get to take it off this year for Christmas. And since I won't be here for Christmas next year, I won't get this year's day back. Somehow this seems unfair.
Also, if anyone knows where I can get that super cute green skirt at J Crew on sale for like, not $88 dollars, let me know.

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