Monday, April 17, 2006

A Supposedly Healthy Thing I'll Never Eat Again

So this weekend I made some roasted curried chickpeas. They were pretty easy to make, although Mr. E did make fun of me when I dried them, but hey, that’s what the recipe said to do.
They were reasonably tasty, and eminently snackable. But the thing is? By the time they’re drained and roasted and all that, there’s not a whole lot of them, and they’re pretty easy to just toss in your mouth mindlessly, since you figure, they’re beans, they’ve got to be healthy, right? It’s not like I just opened a bag of Fritos – If I was hoovering those in, at least I’d think twice about it, because everyone knows they’re terrible for you. Even if they are delicious. Way more delicious than curried roasted chick peas, I might add.
Anyway, at some point in my snack attack, my curiousity was piqued, and I checked the nutritional ingredients. While normally I’d never eat an entire can of chick peas in one sitting, these were salty and crunchy and like I said, cooked down to a not large quantity of food, so I figured I’d better check and see how many calories are in an entire can of the little suckers.


Jesus Christ! Healthy, my ass. I get that they’re chock full of fibery goodness and all that, but I won’t be making those again. I guess it’s a good wake up call that a whole can of anything isn’t good for you, but I’d rather just eat a handful of Fritos, thanks!


LME said...

This was just exactly like something I would do. Just exactly. At least you've saved me from the roaste chick peas trap.

yoyogurl said...

Yeah, I had the same problem with roasted chickpeas. They seemed to spike my blood sugar pretty quickly, too. Healthier food is suppose to be better! It's very confusing sometimes. Heh.