Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Plan of Attack

Well. I decided I was going to quit feeling bad about myself and bitching about how my shorts are tight again and feeling depressed about buying new jeans again and I was going to give this stupid Weight Watchers thing the real hard core try and in order to do that and to stop eating chocolate ice cream like it's going out of style my new plan is to set out everything I'm going to eat the next day on my kitchen counter at night. I just starting thinking about what worked for me in the past and what isn't working for me now and I think it was just easier to lose weight when I was at work all day and could control what I ate during the day by what I brought with me...I couldn't just wander into my kitchen the way I can now and eat chocolate and chips when I was at work. So I decided I would recreate that same situation as best I could by setting out my food for the next day the night before and so I have been making a new grocery list with high protein low fat snacks because crap, I hate being hungry.

Depressingly, all the high protein low fat snacks are the same this time around as they were last time.

Cottage cheese, anyone?


Salma Gundi said...

I love cottage cheese :) Lately, I want to eat it with blueberries, a little vanilla soy milk, and a packet of Splenda all the time.

I'd be sad summer is over because of losing my blueberries, but then I remember that I like apple, cottage cheese, cinnamon and dried cranberries almost as much as the blueberry mess.

I'm really excited for you and the new plan of attack. *\o/*

Chris H said...

Cottage cheese! Ummm NO THANKS!!! That stuff just makes me want to puke! Good luck with the new strategies.... I got my husband to lock up the biscuit cupboard and take the key to work to stop me eating them! That worked!

bazu said...

I have just one word for you: tofu.

High protein, low fat, and billions of possibilities.

Sarah said...

Dried roasted soybeans! No, really! I can mow my way through half a bag of them if I'm not careful. Which would then defeat the purpose of eating the beans to be healthy. There's a wee little outfit around here that puts out roasted soybeans in a variety of flavors (honey ginger or chili lime, anyone?) and they are super yummy. Even though I only eat the Plain kind.