Saturday, October 07, 2006


- We haven't gotten any test results back yet, but we did have an ultrasound.

- So now we know we are having a boy.

-And I turned 30 and Mr. E forgot to tell me Happy Birthday until I reminded him. He also forgot to ask me what I wanted for my birthday dinner. One should always ask a princess what she wants for her birthday dinner, no matter how old she is.

-But he did buy me the new (ish) Dixie Chicks CD and made me a very very very delicious Boston Cream Pie.

-However this did not prevent me from having an emotional breakdown later on the evening of my birthday and sobbing violently into Mr. E's shirt after finally admitting that I was kind of having some issues with the baby not being a girl.

-I was pretty sure, ahead of time, that I was FINE with it being a boy, because it totally didn't matter, because it was totally a girl. Uh huh.

-I have been assured by my awesome friend M that this is totally normal, and that she hoped that a mistake had been made until the moment her son came out, and then she was happy as a clam that he was who he was, and I know I will be too. But I still miss that little girl I see far off in the distance, just a little bit.

-Now that we know it's a boy the naming assvice is coming out of the woodwork. In the past week someone told Mr. E that we should give the baby a good name like Hunter, instead of the crappy ones we had in mind, and someone else told him that whatever we do, we shouldn't name the baby Hunter. For this reason we're keeping any potential names secret, as people don't seem to understand that the name of MY CHILD is none of their goddamn business, especially when I haven't asked for their opinion.

-Mr. E and I went to a local church yard sale where I gleefully stuffed baby clothes into a large paper grocery bag as fast as I could sort through them. Cost per grocery bag? One Dollar. I felt only sort of sad that I was stuffing only boy clothes in the paper bag, although Mr. E claims my definition of what baby boys wear is a tad loose. Also, I totally did not sneak a little pink sun hat in the bag when Mr. E wasn't looking. In other news, people? Don't donate underwear to church yard sales. It's really gross.

-Thank you to the commenter who told me that there is a "regular" brand of nitrite free lunch meat out there. There is indeed, it's called Hormel Natural Choice, and I can actually eat it! Woo hoo!

-Mr. E will be gone for five days sciencing it up in Yosemite. I would be jealous, except I could have gone, and then I thought about being cold and sleeping on the ground for five days and I thought, eh, I think I'll stay here.

-This means my dog will go into defend and attack mode and wake me up nine hundred times a night for the next five nights in a row to scare the shit out of me by barking insanely at every leaf that rustles or every cat that walks by outside.

-I tried the new maple macchiato at Starbucks and I wasn't too impressed. It had a distinct fake maple syrup vibe. I absolutely hate fake maple syrup, so I remain loyal to the best starbucks beverage of all time, the one pump pumpkin spice latte. (one pump because otherwise it is too sugary for me. One pump is just enough.)

-Mr E. clogged the kitchen sink shortly before he left. We spent all morning snaking it and it only sort of drains. Awesome.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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WifeMomChocoholic said...

You will, indeed, give not one single hoot about the baby being a boy when he is born. When my second came out and was another girl, I was disappointed for about half a second before I fell madly, deeply, impossibly in love with her.