Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In Which I am Easily Distracted by Shiny Blue Power Tools

Mr. E and I spent a better part of yesterday afternoon looking for the random orbit sander that Fine Woodworking told me I had to have (in a very helpful instructional video I watched online) as part of the Great Crib Refinishing Project From Hell. It was easy for us to tell that none of the places we looked had the right sander - the only one that would suffice - mind you, because I knew I was looking for a Makita Random Orbit Sander 1295DV and all the Makita sanders are bright turquoise blue and none of them were the 1295 DV Random Orbit Sander. One of them was $100 dollars and I am sure it was very lovely, but our friend at was very clear about what sander we should get and I never argue with a fine woodworker wearing a plaid shirt and suspenders. Clearly he knows what he is talking about.

Frustrated and annoyed Mr. E and I agree we would just order the stupid thing on the internet and wait the annoying two weeks for it and pay the annoying overpriced shipping charges. I just went to go ahead and order it when I noticed that in fact the sander I am supposed to get has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Makita. No turquoise. It's a BOSCH 1295DV Five Inch Random Orbital Sander, in a lovely shade of gray. I could have been looking at it over and over again yesterday in every store we went to, I'll never know. I even had the correct brand and name written on a piece of notebook paper that I was carrying IN MY HAND and that I never even looked at. Nowhere on that piece of paper did it say Makita. Where I even came up with the brand Makita is beyond me.

Just another example of why no one should even listen to me anymore. I've lost my mind and I absolutely couldn't tell you when I will get it back. Well, I could probably tell you, but chances are, I'd be wrong.

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