Monday, February 27, 2006

Damn, these are good. Just make sure you wear gloves or after you make them you will notice your hands are on fire!

I submitted this recipe to Hungry Girl and I really hope I win a t shirt! :)

Green Chili Tortilla Wraps

4 large mild tapered green peppers (I recommend Anaheim)
2 Crystal Farms (or any brand) cheddar cheese “Little Chunks” unwrapped (these should come prewrapped in a hanging bag in the cheese section). You can also use reduced fat cheddar cheese chunks if you can find them.
Four light or fat free flour tortillas

1. Wearing gloves, cut the tops off the peppers and remove the seeds by scraping the insides of the peppers with a sharp knife, making sure you keep the peppers intact.
2. Place the peppers on a non stick cookie sheet (or one sprayed with Pam) and roast under the broiler – turning once, until blistered and partially blackened on each side.
3. Turn off the oven, remove the peppers, and carefully place the peppers in a bowl covered with a plate to steam for five to ten minutes.
4. Remove the peppers from the bowl and peel off the blistered outer skin.
5. Cut each Little Chunk of cheddar cheese in half.
6. Place each pepper back on the cookie sheet and insert a half a cheese chunk into each pepper.
7. Place the peppers back in the warm oven to melt the cheese. Set the tortillas in the oven at the same time to warm.
8. After the cheese has melted, remove the peppers from the oven, wrap each one in a tortilla (soft taco style) and enjoy!

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