Friday, February 17, 2006

Too Many Damn Carrot Sticks

I think having to be all hard core with what I eat all the time to try to lose these last stubborn 5-7 stupid pounds is making me have all kinds of weird cravings. My ww points just reset for the week which means now I can dream about all the bad for me food that I want to use my extra points on. And not in a good way. Normally I get a weird craving for a brownie or something and I wait and see if it passes and if it doesn't I go out and eat a brownie and enjoy the shit out of it, and move on. This feels different though. I'm not sure why. Maybe if I list it all out I can pick the least terrible option and have that and just move on.

-McDonald's because Mr. E went there last night (might have to get just a hamburger, not eat fries, count it, and move on).
-Panera soup because I haven't been there in so long and I love it so much (this is ok because it's not bad for you if you get the veggie soup not in a bread bowl).
-Chocolate muffins (WW has these so I'll just those).
-IHOP pigs in a blanket (hmm, this one is tricky. I could get this and eat half. I've been craving sausage for two months, so maybe I should just eat it. I've tried veggie sausage and bacon and turkey sausage and low fat sausage and none of it did the trick).
-pizza (I can eat the Lean Cuisine version of this and be perfectly happy).
-I'm also jonesing for some of the awesome homemade soup at this restaurant in town. (It's too cold to go here and they never take cash, so I'm gonna rule that one out).

That's not TOO bad when you really think about it. We'll see.
Note that most of this is fast food, which I never eat, so maybe I just need to cut myself some slack and have a damn hamburger and move on.

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LME said...

I don't really like fast food at all, but about once a year, I will get a craving for a fast food burger. I go to McDonalds and get one of the small cheeseburgers and that usually does it without doing too much damage calorie-wise.

I get weirdo cravings all of the time. Yesterday it was for bananas. I'm picky about the ripeness and color of the peel. Can't be too green, because I think the texture is slimy then. Can't be too ripe, because they just taste foul. I like them when they are just, and I mean just starting to get a couple of freckles on the skin. At the grocery store near my place, they're always too green.