Friday, February 24, 2006

Little Ray of Sunshine

Lately I've been thinking. Why assume the worst?

If I can CHOOSE to interpret people's actions as good or as bad, why choose bad?
If I force myself interpret the actions of others as good, even if I'm wrong, I'll still feel better.

What does it gain me to see everything that everyone else does in the worst possible light? How does it help me to assume that everyone is a shithead who is out to get me? It doesn't help me at all.

It's even kind of fun if you can think of it as a challenge. I'm challenging myself to see the bright side of every situation, instead of the dark. And in the end it benefits me.

So ask yourself: "Is there any way to interpret this person's actions positively?"

I'm sure there is. No matter how ridiculous, it helps me believe that life is more than everyone else trying to screw me over.

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