Friday, November 04, 2005


I haven't taken a pic yet but this morning the scale said 122. The thing that scares me is that it seems so arbitrary. In my mind I didn't eat any better for the past three weeks than I did for the past three months. I mean, there was even a Little Debbie incident. My running has been great, but the past two weeks have consisted of nothing but trying to do my best, without counting points, because of my mom's wedding and Mr. E's grandma's funeral and the 50 hours we were in the car because of the two. What I'd like to do is to try to remember what I did that led to this - so it doesn't seem like something arbitrary that just happens, but rather something I can control. I want to know that my actions led to that three pound loss, so I don't start thinking I can slack off again. So here's what I've been doing, and what I need to remember to do:

1. I've done great with my running.
2. I need to start more cross training and strength training.
3. I need to count all my points, all the way through dinner.
4. I've been eating a lot more fruits and vegetables for snacks and a lot less carbs.
5. We went grocery shopping and I stuck to my resolution not to buy crap.
6. I didn't buy any crap at Walgreens either.
7. I've been chewing tons of gum.
8. And I'm going to try to leave Starbucks for special movie treats. Damn that pumpkin spice latte.
9. We're going to try walking to the store instead of driving as much as possible.
10. No booze - pretty much. I did have some JD at Mr. E's parents but I consider that medicinal.
11. I need to drink more water.
12. And I need to focus on including even more veggies with dinner.

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