Saturday, December 18, 2004

Yes, I am Pheobe Cates in this scenario.

Every year we try to get together, somewhere on the globe, with all of our old friends for New Year's. As awesome as it is to see everyone, nothing is more of a pain in the ass than trying to get a shitload of people to agree on doing one thing, even for just one night. This year it seems like more than ever everyone has their own agenda. We're meeting up in San Francisco, and people want to go to Alcatraz and Muir Woods and crappy ass Sausalito. To which I say "meeehhhh, not so much, thank you." It's just like in that movie "Shag". One girl wants to marry a rich senator, and one girl wants to win the Shag contest, and one girl will do anything in her power to get away from home and make it in Hollywood. Then there's the girl who just wants to stay home, and hang out with her friends, and make out with a cute boy on someone else's yacht. That's me, this New Year's. My whole agenda can be summed up in these final words I leave you, from, of course, "Shag the Movie":

"This was our last weekend together, and we didn't feel like going to Fort Sumter and touring goddamn colonial homes! We wanted to go to the beach! And meet boys! And go to wild parties! And dance!"

There's something so satisfying about any quote that ends in "And dance!" I hope that if I gaze misty eyed over my right shoulder and dramatically utter "And Dance!" enough times, we will indeed end up dancing on New Year's, instead of sitting around the Playstation swilling Alize.

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