Friday, December 17, 2004

Got the stupid Christmas cards out, so now it's time to stress about my New Year's Outfit!

I am so specific when it comes to clothes, I always have these preconceived notions in my head of what to wear, and I can never find anything that matches my vision. Until a year later, when it's all over the place. I should totally be a fashion designer.
Anyway, I either want to wear some winter white tuxedo pants, like these:

with a gold sequined spaghetti strap tank, which used to be on the J Crew website but has apparently sold out even though it was $200 dollars for a tank top for christ's sake,

with some gold shoes? Maybe? Or maybe boots. I have throw the boots in there, because I need an excuse to go shopping for some new boots.

Or I want to wear a sassy spaghetti strap flowy dress, like this...
but not black, pink, and red dotted please.

Where will I find these imaginary clothes? On sale to fit my imaginary budget? In San Francisco, hopefully, as the backup options I will be packing with me just in case are looking bleak.
All I know is that I don't want to spend this New Year's looking NICE, in a safe little black strapless something or other from Bland Taylor. This year I want to look HOT.

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