Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wish Me Luck

My mom is visiting...she has no idea about my blog so I won't be posting till the weekend, maybe. Although after cleaning the house for three days straight and then spending four days with my mom I am not lying when I say I can already tell I'm really going to just want to spend all next weekend lying around with a gin IV dripping straight into my veins.

My mom walked in the door and said "hmmm. Very clean in here." and then LAUGHED. What does that even mean?

A. She thinks my house is not actually that clean.
B. She thinks I'm a psychotic freak/bad mother for cleaning my house obsessively instead of teaching Eli french and how to diagram sentences and to play croquet at the age of six months.
C. She thinks I'm a loser who does nothing but clean my house all day and that instead I should get a job and a cleaning lady so I can be "successful" like her!
D. She thinks we have nothing in common and has nothing to say to me so she just comments on the first thing that pops into her head and then laughs nervously?
E. She thinks I am raising her precious grandbaby in a horrible neighborhood and so it shocks her how cute and clean my house is on the inside
F. She thinks having a dog is such a terrible and freaky idea that she can't believe its possible to have one and also have a clean house that's not filled with poop and half chewed god knows what.
G. My house is just that freakishly clean it's all you can notice or think about.

I seriously have problems. I can't believe I can infer all that from ONE "mom sentence." God knows how an entire evening will go.

Again. Wish me luck. And send booze.


Chris H said...

Booze on the way, which vein do ya want it plugged into? Honestly, your mother probably meant NOTHING by her comment! Unless you used to be an absolute pig and it shocked her to see the house tidy?????

Rah said...

Here's another interpretation: "i am so proud of my daughter. She keeps such a clean house. How wonderful, and what a neat environment for my grandson! (laughs with delight)" I am a mother whose innocent comments sometimes get misinterpreted this way. May I encourage you not to read into them? Have the gin anyway if it helps. :-)

bazu said...

mothers and daughters: a short history.

You are lucky that you managed to clean the house before your mother showed up! Last April, my mom was driving to my house. Now, I thought I had 6 or 7 hours on the day she was supposed to arrive, so wasn't I a little shocked when she showed up 2 hours early only to find me... vacuuming... in my underwear... gah!

TB said...

Oh man, hang in there.
Just reading all that made me want a Saphire and Tonic.