Monday, August 20, 2007


My mom and stepfather arrive in less than 24 hours and my house is a hardcore disaster area and I completely exhausted myself running eight miles on Sunday and I have the crabbiest baby ever in the history of all time and so naturally I decided that now was a good time to put my books in rainbow order.

God I love procrastination.

Off to clean the bathroom!

(Yeah right).


Type (little) a said...

This looks so pretty. But having worked in a library, it makes me twitch. I will be over in an hour to arrange them according to the dewey decimal system.

Or at least alphabetize them.


Chris H said...

Very nice, now come do mine! I like mine in category order.... pottery, plants, house redecorating, history...... come on you slacker...oh and I have 3 bathrooms....

PastaQueen said...

I did that once with my Baby-Sitter's Club books.

Trixie said...