Friday, June 29, 2007

Big Plans

I'm feeling much better after my emotional breakdown slash bloggy rant.

This weekend I plan on doing nothing more than drinking, eating my favorite ice cream, and lying around in the sun reading. I might take in a movie or two. (Even though I hate animation, I hear good things, and you never know. )

I want to try to make the french toast that Anne Lamott eats in Operating Instructions. I've been thinking about it ever since I read that book.

I also may try to do a long run on Sunday. Running has become my feel better drug of choice these days. What could be better than really leaving it all out there? You can come out of a five mile run feeling like everything really is going to be ok. But I need to be careful of my ankle so I might not run that far.

If things get really crazy, I may put some more goofy hats on my child and take pictures. Just for kicks.


Chris H said...

Dat not a goofy hat, it looks like a very warm one to me! Hang in there chick, things will get better.... eventually.

Trixie said...

o.k. that sounds better! Sorry, you had me worried.

Eli is adorable. And he looks JUST like you!