Thursday, May 31, 2007

You're So Much Like Me, I'm Sorry.

Mr. E tells me all the time that Eli is just like me, personality wise. I can't imagine why he thinks that. It's not like I need constant attention, get crabby when I don't eat, can't take naps, babble on constantly about nothing, find Mr. E absolutely hilarious even he isn't, really, hate going to sleep by myself at night, wear only pajamas, love to stare at the TV, and throw tantrums when I don't get my own way.


The real question my son just like me, or do I have the personality of a three month old?

At least I don't have sweaty neck folds. I'm looking at you, Eli.

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Chris H said...

Sweaty neck folds.... oooo thanks for reminding me about that! I kinda miss those wee necks to kiss... almost.... but not quite! You need to observe Mr. E and try to attribute some of his behaviours to that of a 3 month old too... I bet he's more like Eli than You! - Personalilty wise anyway.