Monday, May 14, 2007

998 Left To Go

The thing I am realizing is that with this baby stuff? It DOES get better. It just doesn't get better very quickly. And it's not overly helpful when you are mired in breastmilk and screaming baby and dirty diapers and all that to think "in a month, this will be so much better." However, a month or a week or even a few days later, things do improve, and you have hope again. And it makes all the difference in the world, those few days or weeks or that month, and the tiny bit of better that you gain every day adds up and pretty soon things seem not that bad. Thank god.

I am also working on being more positive. I've realized that I do this nervous thing where I always always always have to talking and there just isn't always that much to talk about and I am afraid that at times (as in all the time) I fill that empty conversation space with bitching and moaning and I've really got to cut that out. I'm going to try just being for a little while to see how that goes. Silence isn't the end of the world, maybe.

Also, today I dragged out the treadmill and I dusted off my running shoes and I crammed myself into my sports bra and I ran two miles! Go me! It wasn't the farthest I've ever run or anything but that I was able to run at all is rather thrilling. And that I did it at all makes me proud, I won't lie. And you know what they say about a journey of a thousand miles.

In other fabulous and exciting news, this weekend I watched - open mouthed, in horror - as Mr. E poured the remains of a bag of potato chips into a carton of dip, stirred it around, and ate it with a spoon!!!!!!!!!! Then I took a picture.


TB said...

"The thing I am realizing is that with this baby stuff? It DOES get better" - Thanks for sharing that so honestly. It helps to know that soon my job won't be quite so thankless. Soon this little guy will start being responsive and will develop a personality. Right now, in this stage, it's hard to think things will ever be any different.

Sarah said...

John eats Hormel corned beef and hash with a whole fried egg mixed in. It both looks and smells like dog food. However, I think Mr E's chips-and-dip confection has raised the bar on Gross Man-Food.