Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Life and Everything Like It

Holy crap, I love Weight Watchers but it is ridiculously hard for me to keep track of anything when people come to visit. And since we have people here visiting ALL THE TIME because we had a baby and all, well, I tend to keep losing and regaining the same 6 and half pounds in the three weeks between visits. But I'm trying to learn from all this and not just keep making the same mistakes over and over again, blah blah blah organic pepper jack. So far it's going eh.

I tried on dresses this weekend because I need one to wear to my cousin's wedding in July and it turns out that below the boobs, I wear a size 8. However, my ta tas are so large they don't fit into a size fourteen! Christ, I have no idea what to do about that one. The reasonably minded would say suck it up and wear a skirt and a shirt but I am just not in the mood for reasonable skirts and shirts and sensible this and sensible that. I really wanted to buy a cute dress and I am super less than thrilled about my huge rack coming in between me and the beautiful relationship I had planned with the Grace dress from J. Crew. I might have to settle for some super cute really overpriced shoes. Maybe take some of the focus downward.

Eli has been montrously unbearably fussy for four or five days. It was to the point where he was nursing ALL THE TIME and there just wasn't anything left and I seriously got freaked out that my body could not keep up or my milk was drying up or I had dieted my son into starvation and the supply was running out or something. He would just latch on and not let go. My body could not keep up and that's saying a lot because usually damn - there is a lot to go around, is all. (At least my giant rack is good for something.) Of course we tried all the usual baby lulling tricks and none of them worked and then I thought to myself "today's kind of chilly, I wonder if I should put this fleece footed sleeper on him?". Moments after I put it on him I swear he gave an immense baby sigh of relief and settled down and took the worlds longest nap and since then we've dressed him in all his warmest winter clothes and he's been a perfect angel and last night he actually slept through the night! At three months old! Jesus. Turns out my child wasn't "fussy" or "going through a growth spurt" or "teething". He was just COLD. Yeah. We're awesome parents.

Someone gave us the McClaren stroller and I love it, Eli loves it, Mr. E loves it. There's your random overpriced baby crap recommendation of the day.

I realized earlier this month to my horror that the Target "capris" that I bought a few months ago to tide me over till my jeans fit me again in 2010 were actually KNICKERS. Something about that seemed not right and also horrifying, so I did go get some more pants and shorts and non knickers at American Eagle which is always an awesome experience because even though their pants fit me freakishly well their store makes me feel like I am nine hundred years old and also I did a scientific test using a real live subject and I can tell you difinitively that there store "music" is loud enough to not only waken but also to severely anger a baby. But I did get cute pants, so really, wasn't it worth it? Also, at first I thought when I went shopping that maybe I would also look for a cute swimsuit to which I can only say now "HA HA, HA HA, HA HA HA HA."

Running is going well. I love running. It's the only thing keeping me sane, some days, I think. And so of course my ankle is fucked up again. Awesome. I am doing the RICE business (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) except for the rest because hi, I don't rest. I hate rest. No rest for me. Rest is for...normal, non crazy people, who are unlike me.

And lastly. At first I was going to say that the baby smiles are totally worth it, that they are life altering, that they are like nothing in this world. And that is all true, yes it is. But then I heard the baby laugh. And the baby chuckle, the baby giggle, the baby cackle.

The baby smile melted my heart. But to hear my son laugh actually made me cry, it was that great. Truly one of life's top all time great top life moments.


Chris H said...

Hells bells, what to comment on??? You are a size 8 down low??? Awesome! Enjoy the girls (boobs) cos once you stop feeding they are leaving the house! You were freezing ya baby... funny but sad.. live and learn! Just LOVE the mommy/baby photo, I see you are still freezing him in that one! Lol, have a fantastic day.

TB said...

That picture is awesome. I hope you have it in a frame somewhere.

As for the lactation fashions, I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll be wearing separates for some time, with tops that either can be pulled up or down, or unbuttoned. And what the hell is up with nursing bras? You can't wear anything with thin straps or without full coverage on the sides because of the damn bras. HATE.