Monday, February 12, 2007

Making the Best of Things

So ever since I started to wonder if our house was centered on some kind of ancient Indian burial ground or maybe a localized power inversion or perhaps the Hellmouth? I decided that maybe I should stop announcing to the world that I just couldn't take it anymore and I should instead try to make the best of things. Because you know what? There is no point to annoucing that you need a break and that you can't take it anymore. Things happen and you can't control that and you try to learn from them as best you can and then you soldier on. You take it. You have no choice, announcements or not. You hang your laundry out to dry and think of Antonia hanging her laundry out to dry back in the day on some prairie in the middle of Nebraska and you think of all the power you're saving and you transport yourself into a summer's eve commercial and tell yourself things like "fresh!" and "clean with the power of the sun!" and try not to notice that your pillowcases smell actually quite a bit like exhaust and your towels have this new exfoliant quality they never had before.

Mr. E assured me that despite my new pioneer spirit we needed a new dryer but I was caught up in making the best of things and so we did not get a new dryer, and then he went away for a work thingee and simultaneously it rained for a week. I don't know if you know this but pioneer spirit or no, large scale flood type raining isn't really conducive to laundry drying and really who I am not to support the local economy with my hard earned tax refund? So this weekend Mr. E and I went to Lowe's and bought a dryer and when a dark bitterness at having to spend a shitload of money on something I already had one of instead of something I wanted and had been dreaming about buying for a year I again made the best of things and told myself I was lucky to be able to afford a new dryer when we needed one and besides think of the soft soft towels, and I actually kind of got excited about my dryer, and the lovely folks at Lowe's promised to bring it the next day, a SUNDAY! So even when the Lowe's man called at 7 am ON A SUNDAY to tell us they would bring it by at noon I looked on the bright side and thought "Eh, now we are up early, we can get so much done, and now we will have our dryer and tonight I will wear soft fluffy pajama pants and sleep on clean sheets and we will once again have soft towels and yea! A new dryer."

Oh friends.

We do, in fact, have a new dryer, sitting dead, unworkable, in our kitchen, on this fine and gray February morning. We also have an appointment with an electrician, so he can come look at the wiring in our kitchen and tell us why, two dryers and three power cords later, NO DRYERS WILL WORK IN THIS HOUSE.

And try as I might to look on the bright side there is something that happens when you find yourself outside in the cold at nine oclock on Sunday night hanging out the very laundry you just naively assumed you'd be pulling from your BRAND NEW $500 dryer that sits useless in your house that demoralizes you just a little.

On the bright side, it isn't raining. Yet.

Which is lucky, because the new roof?


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