Monday, February 26, 2007

The Birth Story is in progress, but please note I have had headaches for which I took more pain medication. Until then enjoy this update in list form

-Have lost 20 pounds in nine days!!! Diet of chocolate and constant breastfeeding appears to be magic diet. Must work on marketing strategy and become millionaire. When not breastfeeding.

-Have already compromised all previously held morals as only place to buy preemie clothes in town is at Walmart. (please note: Child is not preemie, only preemie sized).

-Am forced to threaten Mr. Baby daily with ice cube hands and a lifetime of girls clothes from Walmart as Mr. Baby would rather poop than eat. Clearly takes after father.

-Will retrieve non maternity clothes from garage later today. Expect imminent emotional breakdown.

-Am strangely intrigued by that movie The Queen after having watched last half hour of Academy Awards. Am clearly huge loser.

-Child's umbilical cord just fell off. Is clearly genius.

-Thank you to all for congratulations and well wishes. Am feeling very very very lucky.


Chris H said...

20 pounds in 9 days! AMAZING, you lucky tart! Baby looks adorable, and so cute... pity it doesn't last... at least one day he will outgrow pooping constantly. haa ha

TB said...

You sound happy. And I'm glad breastfeeding is going well for you. And 20 pounds, well I hope I'm that lucky.

Anonymous said...

awww, what a sweet picture... :)


~Candy @ Daily Thoughts