Friday, February 16, 2007

Everything is Fine

We had the non stress test and Thor performed beautifully...after looking at his heart rate and movement and various other printouts my doctor said everything looked great, and we're just going to have a small baby. Last night after the doctor's appointment I felt about ten thousand times better than I did the night before. We still have to have non stress tests twice a week as a precaution but it looks like other than that, now we just wait for the little stinker to decide when he wants to arrive. The doctor said it could be anytime now!


PastaQueen said...

Yay! I can uncross my eyes now.

Tricia said...

So happy for you! I am thinkin' about you and hoping when little Thor decides to come that all goes smoothly for you all.

TB said...

I'm so glad everything is okay and you can breathe a (figurative if not literal due to baby squishing your lungs) sigh of relief.

Knowing that he can come anytime must be such strange feeling!