Thursday, November 09, 2006


Hey, how are things?

I am ok, even though my non medicated cold is kicking my ass. Tonight is Ugly Betty night and we are having burritos for dinner, which, yeah! Everyone loves burritos. Right now I am eating a most delicious everything bagel that was flown in special just for me from Brooklyn, New York, home of the most delicious bagels on earth. My awesome husband not only made me lime jello without being asked but he also stopped off at the best store ever, Target, and got me a humidifier in the shape of a frog AND some of the Tord Boontje christmas stuff which I know it is not Christmas decoration time but I heard the stuff was flying off the shelves and I had to have it. Mr. E did not approve of the frog humidifier but I told him it was an early birthday present for Thor (what I call Le Fetus) and he submitted. I wish they made one in the shape of a robot, but it is still pretty cool that the steam or whatever it is comes out of the frog's eyeballs.

Here is a ridiculous question. I know you are not supposed to microwave stuff in plastic containers because of plastic contamination or what have you. But what about if you put your soup in a (ceramic) bowl and microwave it with a plastic lid over the top? To keep the soup from going all over the microwave? Is that ok? I certainly hope so. I'm going to live on the edge and go for it.

Thor is kicking a lot lately, and wiggling around. At first it was cool. Now it kind of freaks me out. It's like he is constantly reminding me "Hey, I'm coming out in four months, I hope you're ready! I'm going to completely change your entire life, but for now I will just kick you in the side! See you soon!" and I start to hyperventilate slightly at the thought of a real live baby around these parts, in a matter of mere months. Yikes.

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Jessi said...

No! Don't do it! The plastic covering is bad too because the plastic chemicals still leak out right onto the food.

OK, I obviously don't know the actual mechanism, but I can tell you that I'm a grad student and in our office kitchen some other grad nerd posted an article from John Hopkins that said no plastic container AND no plastic lids. No plastic nothing.