Tuesday, September 19, 2006

One Girl In All the World

I read somewhere the other day that to have a successful marriage the most important ingredient is that you each have outside interests. And I know Mr. E is REALLY interested in a lot of things that I find not so fascinating. His outside interests run to super exciting things like license plates, the elevation of wherever the fuck we are at the time, the weather, birds, forest fires, the tuneless death spiral warblings of indie rock's latest darling, exhilirating stuff like that. It's sort of obvious that we see the world through different eyes because he's constantly telling me to look at the view and I am constantly amazed that he's been so busy looking at some mountains that are always there and never change that he failed to even notice the little flowers growing along the edge of the sidewalk or the color of someone's mail box or that weird girls hair in the parking lot.

Anyway, I know that once upon a time I had some outside interests but I can't remember what happened to them. I do know that most of them were on a channel that just got canceled and changed to CW and they involved either Buffy or Ben Covington, and also is it my fault that even though I am totally the one who liked Project Runway first Mr. E has completely glommed onto it? That should definitely count as MY outside interest especially because he often makes fun of it and does not take it seriously AT ALL.

My point is that I really, I do have lots of things I'm good at and that I'm interested in, like reading and cooking and shopping and I like running and growing stuff and making stuff and organizing, I love organizing, and also throwing stuff out. I'm crazy about the NBA. I can clean a mean bathroom and I love fancy hotels. I have lots of things I like, really I do. However most of these things aren't things you really cultivate when you're lying on your back wishing you could be struck dead if only it would cure the terrible nausea, the terrible terrible nausea that never ends. Now that I am starting to feel better I've taken a look around at the current state of affairs, and I would like to say I am not happy with things. I can't train for a run right now, the doctor really doesn't recommend that. I waited for two years for Charmed Thirds (the sequel to two of my favorite books) and when I got it on the day it came out it sucked hard. My basketball team is a group of parolees who play like shit. Food repulses me in general, movies like that dreck of Zach Braff's are being shoved down our throats and I wouldn't go to that if they were giving away the popcorn and have I mentioned I can't train for another half marathon right now, and by the way, what we really really need in this world is a good crime fighting perhaps super powered teen heroine to really perk up all of our lives and I am sorry I tried but Veronica Freaking Mars just ain't cutting it.

Perhaps Ugly Betty will save us all.

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