Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas Crafts

Here's my vintage popcorn strand.
The ornaments are vintage, the popcorn is not :)
This is my favorite Christmas decor so far! Although for some reason I had to buy THREE batches of popcorn to find any large enough to string.

Here's the latest nativity scene in my collection, and Annabelle's "antlers"

And here's the cookie packs I handed out as office presents. I loved these because I got to buy and sample all my favorite christmas candies and goodies without having entire boxes around to tempt me for weeks. These had white fudge covered oreos, applets and cotlets, Trader Joe's chocolate chip meringues, mini candy canes, maple walnut ginger spice cookies, sugar cookies, cherry bombs, lindt truffles, dove dark chocolates, toffee, ribbon candy, brownies, chocolate toffee bars, and maybe some other stuff I can't remember. Yum! I was sad I didn't get one, but my ass was happy :)

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