Monday, October 10, 2005

Running Schedule 2005-2006

It's time to set some goals.
I have been wary of getting up early, of paying registration money to run, and of doing short races. I want to push myself, dammit!
But then on a long bike ride yesterday with Mr. E I realized I really do want to run this Frank Lloyd Wright thing, and my mom said she would come and cheer me on, so I'm gonna do it!

Frank Lloyd Wright Run 10 K
October 23, 2005
Registration Deadline : October 19th

Beatrice Family YMCA Turkey Trot 5 miles
November 24, 2005
Beatrice, NE
Registration Deadline: November 20th

Holiday Run 5K
December 11th

State Farm Run (Lincoln) 10 Miles
March 2006

Novartis Run 10K
April 2006

Lincoln Half Marathon
May 7, 2006

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