Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Glimpse Into the Vast Nothingness That is My Brain

I have to say, it's really wrong how much I love Entourage, and also how often I think to myself "Ooooh, I really like Vince's outfit" As in, I want it for myself. I keep thinking about this navy blue t shirt and these dark jeans and these aviators he had on and wondering where I can get all three of these things. I also can't help but notice that Vince wasn't wearing a two month old baby in a Moby Sling. Perhaps if I get the stupid sling in navy blue it will blend in? Now that I'm a mom I feel hopelessly unhip. I'm one step away from elastic waisted jeans. Actually I'm not even, because the only jeans that would fit me, if I allowed myself to wear them, would be maternity jeans, with an ELASTIC WAIST. Sigh. Tuesday night while watching Entourage I noticed Eli was watching it and that's bad dude! Babies should not watch tv. But it's his favorite show and so I had to ask Mr. E "Do you think Entourage is appropriate for two month olds?" (kidding. I mean, I did ask that, but I was KIDDING.) Although if Eli was allowed to watch TV, I'd let him watch Entourage before Baby Einstein. HATE.

Apropos of nothing, I once asked a friend of mine who was in the navy if he had to wear the "navy outfit" and he gave me a look of withering scorn and informed me that men don't wear outfits. So now whenever I can always tell guys I like their outfits. Isn't that fun? Life of the party over here.

Speaking of men and outfits, Eli is outgrowing all of his little blue sleepers and such at a rapid rate as he doubled his weight in only two months. The doctor seems shocked, but it doesn't surprise me, seeing as how my breastmilk is likely comprised of chocolate, chocolate, and leftover Easter chocolate (thrown in for a little variety).

So, the Moby Wrap. Eli has three snuglis, a maya wrap, another ring sling made of thai silk (it really is gorgeous), an infantino sling rider, and a baby bjorn. Yikes! Luckily, I didn't buy any of this crap, as the only one he likes is the Snugli, but it's hard to get him in and out of, he can't nurse in it, and it hurts my back and shoulders. We're going to try the Ergo once he can hold his head up, but since he refuses to EVER be put down, I need something to use until then, and I'm thinking the Moby wrap. If nothing else it's returnable and my decision has nothing to do with the fact that Brad Pitt is wearing one with Shiloh in it on the cover of US Weekly.
And coincidentally I think I just decided to give up celebrity gossip magazines. I don't read them a lot, as in I don't have a subscription, but I do read them sometimes and I realized they don't make me feel good about myself and who needs that shit? I prefer beating myself up over Martha's stupid impossible craft projects rather than Jessica Biel's ass. But then what do I read on the rare occasion that I get a pedicure? Sartre? Somehow that doesn't seem right.

Must start running again. Am nervous about state of the boobdom during running. Wish me luck.

Have decided to dress child only in stripes. Very Gaultier.

That is all.


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