Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I just think it's funny sometimes because at times I have so little motivation to lose these last ten or seven or six point five or fifteen pounds that I have to lose and so I often set up these little reward systems for myself like everyone else in weight loss ville does and I tell myself that when I get to my goal weight and I am finally done then I will go get some really really really REALLY expensive jeans but unfortunately part of that plan is flawed, and the part of the plan that is flawed is unfortunately really the main point of the plan because, hi, at no time in my life have I ever had a random extra two hundred or more dollars to spend on one freaking pair of jeans, reward or no reward, weight loss or no weight loss. Where is the free reward system? That's the one I need to sign up for. Can't reward yourself with food, can't reward yourself with overpriced jeans, what the hell else is there? The whole time I was growing up (here's a clue to my screwed up psyche) when I finished a math problem I got a chocolate chip. If I can't have chocolate chips and I can't have overpriced jeans then what the hell is there?

God, sometimes you just have to throw up your hands and write a run on sentence about it. I think I will just have to Offer Up this whole freaking suck ass week and be done with it.

In other news, I am unnaturally excited about X Men 3 coming out tomorrow. I'm not like an X Men nerd or anything. But it looks cool and also, I just gotta laugh at Hugh Jackman's hair. Damn, it's truly awesome how stupid his hair looks.

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LME said...

PN, when I first saw the posters for X3, which show only Hugh Jackman in black leather leaning against something in the dark, against a black background, and only the words "coming March 26" and no reference to X-Men at all, I thought it was some kind of promotion for a new George Michael CD. Seriously. It took me about three weeks before I figured out what it really was.

As cornball as this may sound, on the reward thing, I don't play that game with myself. Mostly because when I want something, I get it, so I guess I'm kind of rewarding myself all the time. But also because I try not to see it in terms of "being good" or "being bad," but really more of just trying to take care of my body by feeding it nutritious food in reasonable amounts and getting some exercise because I sit on my arse all day. Weightloss is just a happy by-product of doing that. At least that's what I keep telling myself.