Friday, July 01, 2005

If they're so famous how come I can never find them?

We're going to a barbeque for the 4th and I promised to make my delicious Fourth of July cake. This is really nothing more than icebox whipped cream cake with blueberries and raspberries on it, but it's truly awesome and delicious, unless of course someone accidentally spills soy sauce on it, even though you know it wasn't really an accident because secretly your mom just couldn't handle the thought of all the whipped cream and chocolate being unleashed on an innocent and unsuspecting world, but the good news is soy sauce can totally be wiped off whipped cream, ya'all.

The real trick is finding the goddamed chocolate cookies, and they are totally the kind of food that you are always seeing in the grocery store and making mental notes to remember that they are totally in the ice cream aisle and then when you promise someone you will make the cake and go to the ice cream aisle they are totally not there. Then you spend the next three days wandering up and down random grocery store aisles muttering "famous yellow box" under your breath and swearing. Weeks later they will magically reappear and remain in plain sight until you need them again.

But the Fourth of July just isn't the Fourth of July without red white and blue cake, and I've been down the jello flag cake road before and it's not one I intend on ever going down again. If I have to spend all weekend finding those damn cookies, well, then that's just what it takes.
Meanwhile, where the fuck are they? I know I've seen those bastards all over town...

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