Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday Sucky Check In

So, no loss today, which SUCKS, and I am super hungry, and I just found out I have to go to a staff meeting I really don't want to go to as it's going to SUCK, and my knees hurt from working out so much even though I never lose weight so I don't know why I bother which super SUCKS, and new J Crew cashmere cardigan is covered with SUCKY SUCKY pills, and there aren't any movies out this weekend that don't SUCK, and I just opened a new bank account which they refuse to give me the account number for even though they have $100 of my money which SUCKS and btw why does everyone keep trying to get me to stay in Nebraska when it SUCKS so bad here?
However, I am wearing VERY cute shoes today. Which don't suck at all.

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