Monday, November 22, 2004

My Thanksgiving Freak Out/To Do List

1. Clean
2. Do Laundry including comforter that was clean until
Mr. E spilled beer on
3. Make up guest beds
4. Buy fabric and make orange table runner because I clearly need another project right now
5. Buy and hollow out mini pumpkins for my obsessive MS centerpieces
6. Buy kosher salt for brine
7. Clean out and bleach container for brining turkey
8. Begin brining turkey at 10 am Wednesday morning
9. Go to grocery store for thanksgiving food, snack food, and any other
food like lunchmeat and cereal
10. Pick up rental equipment
11. Move old bookshelves onto sidewalk with "free" sign and hope to god someone takes them away. Free bookshelves anyone?
12. Stop at thrift store (not open till Tuesday) and find chair please god let us find a chair
13. Do dishes so we will have enough clean glasses for many many servings of gin
14. Buy trash cans, serving dish, and something elseI am forgetting at Target
15. Clean out "ebay room" so mom doesn't figure out we are trying to sell everything she ever gave me
16. Find flowers and berries
17. Buy shampoo, etc at Walgreens
18. Wrap Xmas presents cleverly w/out having any Xmas wrap so can send home with parents
19. Find mold for orange juice ring for punch
20. Create Large wall decor, no idea what
21. Move red desk to downstairs hallway
22. Pay cell phone bill (damn Nebraska cell phone taxes)
23. Freak the fuck out because my parents want to
get here at 5 pm.
24. Discourage parents from arriving at 5 pm

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