Thursday, September 09, 2004

In Which I Resolve Not to Completely Waste the Next Year of My Life even I do live in Godforsaken Nebraska

So here's where I resolve to actually do something with the coming year. The year I am forced to languish in Nebraska waiting for Mr. E to get his Post Doc and write some more fabu papers on lakes so we can move somewhere less sucky. First I'd like to say that I've already been here a month, and even though the year long countdown didn't start until the first of September, I've already done a ton of shit. Unless you think about how I didn't have a job this whole time. Then it really kind of seems sad that this is all I've done. Anyway, since we moved to this vile wasteland, I have:

-made 200 programs for my sister in law's wedding
-lost another 8 pounds for a total of 20.
-made some kick ass chili lime pork salad
-talked to my best friend Sara for nine bazillion hours on the phone
-cultivated the best tan I've had since I was nine and lived in California for the summer
-developed a renewed appreciation for cocktail hour
-hauled my ass back to Michigan, slipped on a yellow bridesmaids dress, put a big smile on my face, and lived to tell the tale,
-gone on job interviews which I hate so much I want to puke
-remembered how to make a necklace out of old magazines
-played a crapload of tennis
-practised the wedding cake I'm making for Sara's wedding
-made myself a denim skirt out an old pair of too big American Eagle jeans
-and started this here blog.
-Oh, and guilted Mr. E into getting me Netflix after which I watched ninety billion romantic comedies starring Julia Stiles.
-And I've boozed it up quite a bit.

So, that's not too bad! Here's my resolutions for the next year, so far:
-continue to entertain myself without TV for as long as humanly possible, or until missing the OC breaks my resolve
-get a job
-teach myself Photoshop
-get a library card
-find the laundromat
-get the cat neutered
-and get my drivers license.
More on that later.
For now, let's just say that I would have a ton of pictures on here, but I can't figure out the stupid picture adder thingee. I might have to make an emergency phone call to my brother.


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