Monday, July 02, 2007

Which Is Better For You?

At first I hated yogurt.

Then I started WW and discovered that Yoplait Light fruit flavored stuff and I loved it. It was the perfect midmorning snack at work and it was only two points (or around a hundred calories). And it actually tasted good to me, so it was kind of like having a treat, but not one that was a bajillion points and that was going to make me fat. It also contains a bunch of fake sugar and high fructose corn syrup and I'm sure the milk it's made with comes from cows that are fed every hormone under the sun. But again, six ounces, a hundred calories, no fat.

Then this weekend we bought some Organic Plain Whole Milk yogurt because Eli has started eating solid food and the operating instructions that came with him suggested yogurt as a good first food, and he's supposed to have a lot of fat in his diet and also, if I worked this hard to breast feed this kid for all this time you had damn well better be sure that yogurt is going to be organic.

Eli is not overly fond of the organic whole milk yogurt, but I freaking love it. I would never have ordinarily bought it, but now that I have, it's making me rethink things. I mean, this yogurt came with a layer of CREAM on the top about a half inch thick. It's got 180 calories and 9 grams of fat in a cup. So while it has a lot of fat in it, it also has no hormones, no pesticides, no fake sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no sugar at all, in fact.

Last night I had about half a cup of the full fat yogurt with some raspberries and this morning I had some with some peaches. It was delicious, it kept me full for ages afterwards, it didn't upset my stomach like ice cream, it got me eating real fruit, and best of all, it didn't give me that itchy "what else sugary can I eat now or should I just eat some more of this" bingey feeling afterwards. I just felt satisfied.

So now I ask you...can this full fat organic plain yogurt really be worse for me than than the non fat fake sugar yogurt?

Wouldn't I rather be eating something healthier than so obsessed with a number on a scale that I am willing to eat anything as long as I think won't make me fat?

Wouldn't I rather be a slightly larger size than hating myself no matter what size I am?

Also, who knew anyone could write this many words about yogurt?


Chris H said...

Yogurt... nah don't like it much.. mix it with cocoa pops and yep! And I thought 1 point WW = 100 calories??? Have I got it wrong, or you????

Darwin said...

And what's even better than buying your own organic yogurt (and hella cheaper to boot, even if you use organic milk and organic yogurt as your starter)?: Making Your Own Yogurt.

Amazon even has a yogurt maker on sale this week.

(Alas, my own home yogurt still does not taste as good as Fage's Total 2%. They must put crack in that stuff.)

Trixie said...

dude. you are preashing to the choir. I have the same dilemma. And that organic yogurt is the shizzle. I tend to think the org yog is the way to go...maybe less of it? maybe nothing else later? it's SO good. and good for you,.

Sarah said...

Stonyfield Organic fat-free plain yogurt + fresh fruit of your choosing + Bob's Red Mill ground flax meal = LOVE.

The flax meal gives the plain yogurt a delicious subtle nuttiness that covers up the fact that yes, I am eating PLAIN yogurt, and by itself, plain yogurt tends to pretty much taste like ass. The fruit adds the essential sweetness without resorting to EVIL HFCS.

bazu said...

I think you answered your own question- if you wouldn't feed your baby the artificial yogurt, why would you feed it to yourself? Your health is just as important, and besides what you eat still impacts him through breast milk,right? I think organic yogurt is so good, and once you've tasted it, you'll never want to go back. And yogurt has so many health benefits- I hardly think it will be fattening.

Kate said...

You could try plain organic low-fat yogurt with fruit and see if it provides some of the same satisfaction as the whole milk stuff. I find it a lot creamier than fat-free. That being said, I'm sure the extra grams of fat can't be worse for you than the artificial stuff.