Sunday, March 11, 2007

Leggings Be Damned

This weekend I fell victim to the 5.99 leggings at Target. Then I came home
and wept tears of despair when I saw them on my short stubby legs and I promptly threw them out after Mr. E informed me it would cost more in gas to bring them back than I'd get for returning them. I never thought a simple pair of "pants" could be so tragic and I really didn't think anything could make me look shorter than I already am. Vile. The whole experience was vile.

Speaking of diabolical fashions of the young that I've not managed to pull off, I think I may have missed the entire dark nail polish train. I will
tell you I tried to buy some of that dark stuff I can never remember the name of (Vamp?) at Chanel over Xmas and they were out of ALL the good colors. Last weekend when I finally got my belated "I need a pedicure before I give birth" pedicure, I just decided "screw it" and went with hot pink. You can't go wrong with pink.

Speaking of which, I just watched Marie Antoinette (because it never came to the theater in this desolate burg) and I loved it. I have never seen a movie before with a montage of desserts and shoes and it was the best three minutes of my life. I wish my life was a montage of dessert and shoes. It was really spectacular. It made me want to buy shoes. Or desserts. Also, apropos of nothing, Mr. E hated it. That doesn't surprise me, really, seeing as how he is not a gay male, but I was shocked anyway. How could anyone hate such an awesome movie? He just kept saying there was no plot. Whatever! There was a plot of awesome shoes and cute miniature desserts! What more could you need?

Then we rented the Illusionist and I have to say I was not impressed, and I also had
a really hard time explaining to Mr. E how Jessica Biel was famous just for having a really nice ass. I mean, maybe she is famous for more than that, but not really, at least according to US Weekly, which is where I get all my most
important and accurate news, and also how I know that the stars are just like us, and buy bottled water and such all by themselves at the grocery store.

Also, I hate to ask this, but Britney? Has she just lost her freaking mind? I don't know what her deal is but I am starting to worry about my own sanity as I caught myself thinking last week that maybe she should GET BACK TOGETHER WITH K FED. Anything that makes you think Kevin Federline might not be that bad after all isn't right. Just isn't right.

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sarah said...

I spent the duration of our trip to the theater to see Marie Antoinette wishing that I had a couple of those fabulous dresses.

Did you spot the split-second flash of pink sneakers during the show montage?